Thursday, July 12, 2012

My baby

Okay, okay, i know Eli is not a baby...but, he is MY baby :) 

We got wonderful news from his country that we are officially matched with him!  That means more paperwork (although mostly not on our end this time).  And we are waiting for an official date to go get him!

Our facilitator in his country was able to go visit him for a day and spend some time with him.  We were so excited to hear from her!  She said he is fabulous, which of course we knew :)  He has language and has friends.  He loves teddy bears!!!  She also sent us a whole bunch of pictures, which was great! 

The part that made my mama's heart sad was when she told us that he knows what a mama is and he wants to be adopted and go home with his mama!  SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF!  We are coming little buddy!  You DO have a mama and a papa, you just don't know it yet!!!!

Cute pictures below, i know that's why you are really here ;)

Working hard on putting these pieces together!

He was doing the motions to a song that a caregiver was singing!  I think this picture is hillarious!

Soup is delicious!!!

I'm not doing anything...i swear!


  1. We are so excited. Feels like we are making some progress but I can't wait for that travel date. He can have all the teddy bears he wants.

    1. i have no doubt that you will buy him whatever he wants buddy!

  2. Congrats!! So wonderful and exciting.

  3. He looks like he will fit in perfectly with your family:) I know the kids will welcome him with arms wide open. He has so much love awaiting him:)