Wednesday, August 15, 2012

left hand turn

Sometimes, we are on a straight road, and suddenly, a tree is thrown onto the road and we have to find a way around.  Sometimes, we have to take a turn when we really want to keep on that straight path.

We are headed down to florida to spend time with my mom and stepdad.  My stepfather has been diagnosed with a pretty aggressive cancer, and we want to go spend time with them.  This is actually a benefit to homeschooling, we can pick up and go and stay as long as they need/want us.  Although i know both my mom and stepdad would prefer not to have taken this left turn, they are both dealing with it with grace and poise!

We may have had our ups and downs as i was growing up (i'm sure i was the easiest child ever to live with), but i can tell you that he came to every tennis game, every musical, every play i was ever in.  That means something to me.  He is involved in my children's life.  They love papaw and are excited to be going to see him (they don't really understand what is going on).

Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow as Jared and i make a 20 hour drive to florida.  And please keep my Stepdad (myron) in your thoughts and prayers as he navigates this new and scary road.

Christmas 2012.  He and my mom come over on christmas eve every year.  3 years ago Myron and my husband stayed up until midnight putting together a huge dollhouse for my kids.

Dancing at our wedding in 2003

Mom and Myron at my wedding.  The photographer caught this special moment.  I really love this picture!

Myron helping Thomas shoot a bow and arrow at a fair.

I can't beleive i'm posting this one.  This is me at around age 15?  Fun times at this house!

Thomas's first trip to the beach.  Exploring Papaw's beard :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1000 reasons

I got to thinking today.  About how i hear over and over again, "i couldn't do what you are doing" (adopting a special needs child), or "aren't you afraid of for the future", or "how do you know you will be able to care for them all".  And really, for the most part, those seem like valid concerns. 

  There are 1000's of reasons to say no to a special needs adoption. 
* Too expensive. 
* Stressful for the family.
* Not enough room. 
* Who will take care of them in the future
* Medical Care
* not enough attention to go around
* Not fair to the other kids
* I'm not called to that
* Family is big enough

I could seriously go on and on and on. 

But here is the thing.  I don't need a 1000 reasons to say no.  I just need one reason to say YES.  The rest will come.  One way or another.

When i look at this face, i don't think about the time, or the money, or the worry.  I think, "he needs me", and that is enough. 

This is Eli's original picture.  The one we fell in love with.

We will find the money, one way or another.
We will deal with the stress
We have plenty of room
We will figure it out
We have insurance
Love multiplies, not divides
Always room for one more.

I understand that not everyone is able to adopt.  And not everyone should.  But, if you are feeling like you might want to adopt, but keep thinking up reasons NOT too, let go.  Listen to that little whispering voice.  Let go.  Think of one reason to say yes. 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Random thoughts

So, this week has been really terrible...sewer backed up into our basement, dishwasher caught on fire, sewer backed up AGAIN, cat tried to eat the name it.  Bad bad week. the midst of my aggrivation and yes, i'll admit it, a couple of tears, there were also wonderful things. Like, posting on my adoption forum in frustration and having people message me saying, hold strong, hold tight.  WE are supporting you.  You are on the right path.  Donating to us to put a smile on my face.  Random strangers really, as i have only met a very few of them.  They don't "know" me, or my family.  Yet, they took the time to respond to my frustration.  To send love and prayers.  How lucky are we to be a part of such a strong "family"????

Calling real life family to complain and having them say, "come over here, we will support you".  And then feeding us and entertaining us.  Making us smile with jokes and love, letting my children run through and around their house.  How lucky are we to be part of such a family?

Random strangers posting that they have clothes for young boys if anyone wants them.  Those strangers saying WE can have them.  Finding more clothes than i could have imagined for both the boys.

So really, in the grand scheme of things, it's been a pretty good week!