Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Random thoughts

So, this week has been really terrible...sewer backed up into our basement, dishwasher caught on fire, sewer backed up AGAIN, cat tried to eat the name it.  Bad bad week. the midst of my aggrivation and yes, i'll admit it, a couple of tears, there were also wonderful things. Like, posting on my adoption forum in frustration and having people message me saying, hold strong, hold tight.  WE are supporting you.  You are on the right path.  Donating to us to put a smile on my face.  Random strangers really, as i have only met a very few of them.  They don't "know" me, or my family.  Yet, they took the time to respond to my frustration.  To send love and prayers.  How lucky are we to be a part of such a strong "family"????

Calling real life family to complain and having them say, "come over here, we will support you".  And then feeding us and entertaining us.  Making us smile with jokes and love, letting my children run through and around their house.  How lucky are we to be part of such a family?

Random strangers posting that they have clothes for young boys if anyone wants them.  Those strangers saying WE can have them.  Finding more clothes than i could have imagined for both the boys.

So really, in the grand scheme of things, it's been a pretty good week!


  1. I love this. So glad you've had the support you've needed during these tough times.

    I am SO tempted to donate 4.44 to your grant right now, wish I could afford to. lol!!

    1. Kara, i've been wishing all day that i could donate to my own fund...with the same thought. How hillarious would that be?????

  2. Thanks for leaving comment recommendation for the ABA book on my blog. I'm going to get it the next time I send in an order (bummer our library doesn't have it!!).

    Your day actually sounds worse then mine...the backed up sewer and fire beat mine by a mile. Actually, we might have had fire as my 8th grader announced her science lab involved fire and would I supervise- but the day was too chaotic so I said "NO, not today!!". I think we'll wait for Daddy to be home for any open flames.

    Hope your day is filled with with less sewer and flames!!

    1. I'll go through my old "work" books and see if i have an old copy :) I used to do ABA programs in people's homes and for the local children's hospital, so i may have a copy :) Hope your day gets better too!