Saturday, February 16, 2013

Luci is two

Luci is two (as of January 3rd thank you very much).  I love and hate this age, the talking and the personality really come to life, along with the stubborness and determination!

"Me do it mama", she insists when it is time to get dressed.

"Me do it mama", she yells when i try and help her get unstuck.

"Mama no elp (help)", she screams when i try to assist.

"stop it Adelaide (eli)", she scold when she thinks Eli isn't listening or just not doing what she wants.

"Mama rub", she begs when she wants me to rub her back when she is laying down.

"Real real hot"  she exclaims when she tries our food.

"good girl?", she asks several times a day, beaming when we assure her that of course she is a good girl!

"Me go pee" she informs me (although this is often an announcement and not a request)

"Brush teeth"  she demands everytime we pass the bathroom.

"Milk baba, juice baba" she imperially demands, giving us her bottle.

She is our last "baby", and i am struck often about how fleeting this age is, not quite a baby anymore, but not really a big kid yet.  She still snuggles and wants to be held, but is fiercely independent and sassy.  When i rock her at night, i want to freeze her, keep her this little forever, but of course we can't.  I am proud to be her mother and excited to see what the next year holds for her, even as a tiny piece of me mourns the "baby" she is no longer.

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