Saturday, April 20, 2013


Teeny tiny announcement :)  We are adopting TWO children this time around :)  It's a long and probably only interesting story to us, BUT, the end result is, we are bringing home two lovely little girls.  "Lillie" is two, and "Jocelyn" is 6.  Jocelyn is very, very tiny, weighing in at 15 pounds. 

We are completely aware that she will have many many needs once she is home, very different than bringing home Eli.  We are prepared for it to be hard, possibly for a long time.  But, in the end, her life is worth it.  She is worth everything to us, and we are so so excited to be bringing her home :)


here is our "baby".  Please know this is a recent picture.  She is 6!  My arms are already aching to hold her.  Please join us in our rejoicing that we can add this precious bundle to our family


  1. I was so glad to see Jocelyn found a family. I've been praying for her since she was first listed on RR. I'll continues to pray for her and for you as you work to get her home and help her grow.

  2. hey congrats!!!! should i update your blog header??? :)

    1. Yes please Ali!!!!! I was going to bug you soon lol but didn't want to be a pain!

  3. Oh my!!!! How did I miss this?? Your family is amazing!!!! :) blessings, jennifer