Saturday, June 1, 2013

A little help from our friends

First, it is a sad say in my little adoption community.  Another child who had a family coming has died before they could get to her.  She was in the same country my girls are in.  Rest in peace little one, rest in peace.

Second, I got to thinking about adoption and the reasons people say they can't adopt.  One of those reasons is (understandably) the COST.  This is something I worry about everyday.  Will we have enough money to bring the girls home?  I know we can afford to CARE for them, but coming up with 35k in 10 months or so is SCARY!!!!  Very scary if we are being honest here.  SO, here are links to children with LARGE grants that would be a blessing to any family.  Please look and see if any of them are your children, I know they would be great additions to any family!!!

Meet Iris.  She has over 16k in her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow.  Her adoption total would be around 25k so she is SO close to being fully funded!!!  Several people have met iris and they all speak about what a JOY she is to be around!  I KNOW her family is out there!
Meet Maria.  She has 15,000 in her grant account on Reece's Rainbow.  Her adoption total will also be around 25k, so very close!!!!!  She looks like a Happy girl!
Meet Jason.  I LOVE this little guy, he is so so so cute!!! He has over 11,000 in his account.  I am not sure on the total for his adoption but I believe it is a lower cost country.
Meet Simon.  He has 10,000 in his account.  He NEEDS a family QUICKLY or he will age out and be unable to be adopted into the USA.  This means he will spend the rest of his sad days in an institution :(
Meet Dixie!  She has over 12,000 in her grant.  I believe adoptions in her country run 25-30k, so a VERY good start here. She is a lovely young lady!
Meet Jaeger!  He has over 11,000 in his account.  The total for his adoption will be around 27,000.
Meet Clarice!  She has over 11,000 in her grant.  She is in a country where her adoption will be around 25k.
Meet Greta.  she has over 10,000 in her account!
Meet Stephie.  She has over 10,000 in her account!!!!!  Hair loss is VERY common in kids with down syndrome, both boys and girls!  She would rock some cool hats!!!
Meet Brandi!  She has over 10,000 in her grant account.  She is a DOLLY!!!!!
Meet Felix!  He has over 11,000 in his account!!
Meet Mark, he has over 10,000 in his grant account.  He has Down syndrome and also Leukemia.  Mark NEEDS a family ASAP!!! 
 There you have it friends.  12 children with grants over 10,000!!!!!!  Please look and see if any of them could be your child!!!

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