Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why this country?

Forgive me for not posting recently.  Nothing is wrong, I've just been feeling quiet, as we are kinda stuck waiting for things out of our control right now.  But, when I saw the picture below, my heart was stirred and I had to post SOMETHING to acknowledge this little guy. 

One of the questions we get sometimes is "why not adopt from this country".  Although there are MANY reasons we are not adopting from this country (and we do recognize that in-country adoption is a PERFECT choice for some families), this is one of the main ones. 

Please look at this sweet boy.  He is in a country that has recently CLOSED to American adoptions.  This is his before and after picture.  Before and after what you ask?  In many countries, children with disabilities are transferred from a "baby" house to a MENTAL institution that will often house children to ADULTS.  The common ages for these children to be transferred is 4-6....

Oh sweet boy, how we have failed the people charged to keep you safe have failed the system as a whole has failed you.  My heart broke and I wept when I saw this picture.  Beyond the obvious bruising, cuts and sores, he looks VERY thin in his recent picture. 

I won't say this NEVER happens in the USA, but it is VERY rare.  Unfortunately, this is not all that rare in different countries, especially once children are transferred. 

We have other reasons of course, for choosing to adopt out of the country, but this is a biggie for us.  We need to protect the innocent, the ones who cannot protect themselves.  I think we are all called to protect those who are weaker than us, one way or another.

PLEASE, consider helping these poor children.  Adopt, pray, advocate, something.  Call a family who is adopting and ask if you can help.  Ask if you can bring them a meal.  Ask them about the children they are adopting.  Do something...please.


  1. There are still laying rooms. Here. Today. In the US:

    Russia's ban on adoptions is utterly heartbreaking -- but it is worth noting that Russia has a legitimate (and long) list of unaddressed concerns with how their kids are treated in this country.

    1. Janina, I understand there are still pockets of this in the USA, which is why I said it rarely happens, not that it NEVER happens here. BUT, it is not a COMMON occurrence, which it is in many many many other countries. This is not also only contained to Russia. I have many many friends who are adopting or have adopted children is similar condition to this sweet little guy from all over the world.

  2. Our daughter came to us from Bulgaria. She is legally blind. At age 7 she would have transferred to the adult mental institute. For being blind.
    Yeah, this can and does still happen in the U.S. But here it's not a systemic problem. It's something that isn't supposed to happen and is punished when it does. Out there, in other parts of the world, it's business as usual.