Thursday, June 12, 2014

All on her own

There is a little one who has stolen my heart in another country yet again.  No, this isn't an announcement.  I would give much to call this precious girl my own, but we cannot leap again right now. 

She has a terrible, sad little referral picture, much like our own Jojo did.  She is non mobile, non-verbal, doesn't feed herself, doesn't talk.  She has a long list of things she DOESN'T do.  In fact, a better question might be what does she do.  Sound like anyone else we know? 

Jojo's referral pic and packet were scary.  A long list of things that she couldn't do.  Scary thoughts of lifelong care and unknowns occasionally filled my head.  But we knew.  We knew Jojo was ours.  We didn't care if she never walked or talked or was a "productive citizen".  And then we met her.  We brought her home.  And oh my this child.  She fills my cup to overflowing everyday.  She loves to be held and cuddled and kissed.  She seeks us out for affections.  She has a ready smile for everyone that makes my heart sing.

I see sometimes where people will tell potential adoptive parents, that these children will change and grow so much when they get home.  That is often true.  Sometimes though, it's not.  We were prepared for Jo to never progress.  Because she was enough, all on her own.  We didn't need to KNOW that she was going to progress or respond or give us back anything. 

I would hate to think my worth as a person was only for what I could do  or how I could change.  I know someone can SEE this little love, see her for the treasure she is and the treasure she will be for the rest of her life.  Please, won't someone see her?  She is worth it, I promise.  She will change your world for the better.  I don't promise that it will be easy everyday, but I promise she is worth it, all on her own.

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