Monday, December 1, 2014


Not to much to say.  We got our rough draft of our homestudy today, so that is EXCELLENT news.  Once we approve and our agency approves, we can get a final copy and then apply to USCIS.  Thats the USA government that will give us permission to adopt the boys.  Hopefully we get our appointment quickly and can get that done with!  Our dossier should be ready to send off before we get our fingerprints back.  Trucking along!

We are still fundraising.  I am making and selling wooden Montessori toys, that you can see here

A sweet friend started a fundraiser she is calling the love train for us. She bought paper trains that we are selling for $5 a piece.  Once you donate, we are putting your name on a train and then attaching the trains to the wall of the room the boys will sleep in.  I am hoping to cover the entire wall so the boys will be SURROUNDED with love from all the friends who helped them come home!  If you would like your name on a train, please donate $5 on the little tab to the right with the boys names on it, and then let me know!

Will update soon!!!

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