Thursday, April 9, 2015

rocks and tantrums

At church on Easter, the pastor gave us all a box.  Inside the box were several things, one of them being a rock.  He told us to take the rock out and feel the weight of it.  Then he asked us to text him (yes at church LOL) one burden that was weighing us down like the weight of the rock.  I went back in forth in my head, but decided on Lanie's upcoming heart surgery.  It was between that and being able to bring the boys home, but Lanie's surgery is a constant heavy weight on me.

I posted a mini tantrum on facebook, saying that i was hoping that Jared could travel before Lanie's surgery and how disappointed i was that it wasn't going to happen. I am nervous about being alone with Lanie quickly after her surgery, she doesn't have a great history after surgery.  In the days that followed, i've gotten no less than three offers from friends who want to come hold her and keep her upright at night, two out of town friends who are offering to drop everything and come stay with me if Jared needs to go and i'm nervous, we got chosen to be part of a multi-family grant opportunity, and another sweet friend is splitting all her proceeds between her family and ours, even though SHE herself is fundraising to bring home a very sick little boy, and another friend is doing an avon fundraiser for us.  Overwhelming to say the least.

And so the weight is being lifted.  Dear friend who WANT to take off work and sit with you while your baby is being cut open.  Friends who want to have sleepless nights holding YOUR child so you can feel ok about your husband leaving the country.  Friends who want to drive hundreds of miles to hold your hand.  Friends who want to give up money THEY rightly need for their own children.  One by one by one the offers poured in and lifted the weight off my shoulder, lifted the heavy burden off of my heart.  So i'm casting my cares away, and being lifted and held in return.

What burden are you holding friends?  Can you cast it away?    You might be surprised at what happens when you do <3

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