Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby

Lanie girl.

Here we are again.  It was your birthday this week.  Sorta snuck up on me.  You are five now.  Five.
what's this birthday nonsense you speak of mother?
 On paper anyway.  Mostly, still just my squishy fishy baby.  I think you may be our baby forever.  I'm okay with it. Don't get me wrong, sometimes i wish for YOU that things could be easier for you.  That you could walk and talk and run around like the other kids.  Maybe next year.  .

 Maybe not

 Either way, we traveled the world for you baby, and we would do it again a million times over.  You are worth everything.  You are worth all we could give and more.

 We call you a "lifer" around here, meaning you will most likely live with us forever.  Daddy and i used to talk about what we would do when "the kids" were grown and gone, and now those discussions have changed.  In a wonderful way though, have no worries.

 We laugh thinking about your grumpy little face when you are 30, or 40 or 50.  We wonder if you will still grump and fuss at us when we don't do what you want.  It doesn't seem like the life sentence it used to when we would think about kids staying forever (long before we started adopting).

 It seems more like a life gift.  We get the gift of you with us as we grow old together.  And that's pretty cool.  Life together with you seems pretty awesome.

 Happy Birthday darlin

why is there no cake on this tray woman?

that's better!

let me think about this

who cares if i'm dirty?  Cake is delicious!

glad you got with the cake program mom!



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