Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I figure everyone can use a break from listen to me talk all the time :)  so here are some pics of the kids!
He loves to build this upside down!

Field trip to Cosi!

The man!

Eta: Thomas was looking at these pics and pointed to the one of Eli and said, "that's me right?".  I told him that it was Eli and he said, "oh, so all four of us together."  That's right buddy, all 4 of you :)


  1. Awww!!! What a sweetie! All four of your kids are absolutely adorable, Jamie.

  2. Thanks Christina! It feels oddly right to say my FOUR kids...and a little scary too!

  3. :)we will get there love

  4. At Christmas, we pick a child (ornament) for each of our children from the RR Christmas Angel tree. We have 5 children, our youngest has DS. Eli was one of our angel ornaments this year (he was our sons Tucker's ornament)...I was so happy to see him moved to my family found me. I have seen his sweet little face over the years, donated now and then to his account and prayed for him. We made copies of his picture and made our own ornaments for Tucker to pass out in his sunday school class and asked all the kids and their families to pray he had a family commit to him...and here just a couple of months later he is...on my family found me page..We are so happy.
    Of course I wish I could fly across the ocean and get him myself...but Im so happy he is now your son. i am praying that all goes smooth and he is in your arms so very soon.
    Thank you for rescuing him.
    And I love the new pictures of him...oh my has he grown! Turned into a blondie and so very handsome!
    I will be praying! kim

    1. Kim, thank you so much for your kind comment! It warms our hearts to know so many people have been praying for and sending love to our boy! We are in the middle of doing a TON of paperwork but we will get there!!!! I think he is oh-so-handsome myself! And, two of our other children are blondies also, so he will fit right in!

  5. Your FOUR kids are very cute!! :) You're a lucky Mama!