Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where are we?

So, where are we in the process to bring Mr. Eli home?  We are rushing rushing rushing to get all the paperwork done that we can do.  We know we will have to wait at some point for governmental processes but we don't want to have to wait on things that we can control. 

Funny story about getting our fingerprints done.  We went last week to get our electronic fingerprints done.  Electronic prints are sent the same day to our agency.  If you have to do it the old fashioned ink way it can take up to 2 months to get the results done.  Obviously, we wanted it done quickly.  So we pack up the three kids and go to the fingerprinting place.  Mine were done quickly and with no problems.  Jared, on the other hand, was another story.  The lady kept trying and trying.  I guess you have to have 7 (or 8 i can't remember) prints show up at least 70%.  She kept asking him if he was left handed b/c none of the prints on his left hand would show up.  He does work in IT (on computers) so types a lot.  Anyway, after trying for a good 15 minutes she said it wasn't going to work. I felt my throat get really tight and i asked her quietly if there was anything else we could try.  She said that another fingerprinting place in mason had gotten a new machine and they used ink but then did it electronically.  I asked her if she knew how long the results would take and she said it was definetly longer than straight electronic but she wasn't sure beyond that.

So i grabbed up the kids really quick and went out to the car and cried and cried and cried.  Poor Jared came out to the car and found me in a puddle.  The thought of  having to wait to send off our homestudy to bring our boy home b/c of this was more than my Mama's heart could bear. 

Luckily, the fingerprint lady called us and directed us to the site in Mason. When we got there the lady told Jared that she wanted to try the plain electronic and she got him on the first try!  Wow!!!!  We were sooo relieved.  Of course, i think Jared was most relieved that i wasn't going to cry anymore lol :)  I told my friend Lowellette later that even though i wasn't pregnant my hormones were apparently going strong!

So, we have our fingerprints done, our fire inspection done, reams and reams of paperwork done.  Our first meeting with the social worker is on Wednesday!  I'm excited and nervous! 

We'll keep you updated!!!!


  1. Jamie- This is all so exciting! I can only imagine how upsetting the thought of something so small holding things up would be. I will be praying daily for your whole family and especially little Eli. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I would be happy to help organize for fundraisers and such.

  2. Thanks Christina! I will definetly let you know! We still need to do quite a bit of fundraising so any ideas you have are welcome!

  3. Sooo happy for you, Jared and the whole family! I know you will make wonderful parents to Eli! I will be praying for all of you!

  4. Thanks Amanda! I really appreciate it!

  5. Thank You Everyone