Monday, April 2, 2012


We are in homestudy limbo right now.  So, moving on.  Luci (15 months) is so so smart!  She scares me sometimes!  Tonight, we were in Thomas's room cleaning it up a bit.  She sat right down at his train table and was playing (ahem, tasting) his playmobile knights.  As she took them out i would say "out" and then i would say "in" when she put them back.

Well, little smartie pants started saying "owww" and "nnnn" when she was taking them out and in!  Are you kidding me????  Wowzers!!!!  Gwen was an early talker too (and never stopped) and i think we have another one on our hands.  Now, if we can only get her walking!

As i was sitting and watching her play so contentedly, it hit me, she isn't a tiny baby anymore!  She is changing into a toddler, with sturdy legs and a pretty darn good attention span if i do say so myself.  Sniff Sniff!!!!! 

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  1. She is very smart and cute just like her mama. I love watching kids (especially ours) develop their own little personalities.