Monday, November 26, 2012


I am heartbroken tonight.  A new little one was listed on the site where we found our little Eli.  She is 6.  She weighs 10 pounds.  Please re-read that sentence.  That is not a typo.  Thomas weighed 10 pounds at 2-3 WEEKS old.  This little one is 6 YEARS old.  I can't even...i can't even imagine the horror she lives in.  My heart is seriously broken for her.  She will be listed for 2 months. 

PLEASE someone come foward for her.  I don't know how she has lived this long honestly.  I don't know how much longer she can live this way.  Eli and the other children in his orphanage were SO well cared for.  There were plenty of toys and there was food for everyone and it was a nice place.  Still and orphanage of course, but a nice place.

This, this is inhumane.   I can't even fathom seeing a little one in this shape and thinking it is ok.  It's so out of my realm of normal. 

Please look at this picture, this is NOT A BABY!!!  She is older than both Eli and Gwen. 

The other reason i am heartbroken tonight?  Hearing from a friend that an orphanage in another country has had their heater break.  They can get NO money from their government until next year.  The heater is running in a VERY small generator right now but it will not last long.  If the generator fails, then the pipes will freeze.  So the children will have no HEAT and no WATER. 

These are the left behind children.  The ones who were not adopted.  The ones who are too old to be adopted.  A few children there will be adopted at some point, but realistically, how many of them will survive a winter with below zero temps everyday and no heat?  Please help if you can. 

They only need $1500 to replace the entire heating system.  There is a $750 matching grant being offered up right now. So all we have to do is raise $750 and these kids can hold on.  Donate here  if you feel led.  All donations are tax deductible.  Please make sure to put TOREZ HEATER REPAIR FUND in the notes when you go through paypal,  in the notes section. Thank you so much.


  1. I am so angry with the directors of such orphanages! There are numerous ways to help these children! No money? Well there are also numerous ways to ASK for money, raise funds etc. This is XXIst century holocaust! Where is the government looking at?! Gosh... PRAYING FOR YOU, LITTLE BEAUTY!

    1. Sandra, it just kills me that children have to exist in this condition. I dont' care whose fault it is, i just want it to stop. The kids in Eli's orhpanage were so well taken care of (this princess is in a different country). I would love to bring her home and fatten her up and fill her with love!

  2. These things make me so disgusted, but they also make me feel so powerless.

  3. This makes me disgusted, but it also makes me feel powerless.

  4. Yeeey! Look who is on the "My family found me" page! :) Thank you, God!