Friday, November 30, 2012

Mr. Smarty Pants

Eli is doing so well.  Almost ridiculous.  I know some kids come home and struggle and that is the NORM.  Sometimes i worry that people reading our story think all kids come home and everything is peachy keen.  Course, Eli has only been home for a little over a we will see what the next weeks and months bring.  But i do want to say, for anyone reading this with kiddos that are newly home and may be struggling, it is NORMAL for kiddos to have trouble adjusting.  Think about all the changes they are going through!!!

Anyway, Eli loves food!  He takes me to the fruit bowl first thing every morning and requests a banana or an apple.  Banana's were a treat in the orphanage i think.  His eyes light up everytime i mention a banana!  Sweet boy :)

Other kiddos are doing so well!!!!  Thomas has struggled with handwriting for a long time.  Jared and i were commenting tonight that he is writing his name now without any struggle and all the letters are written correctly!!!  He can and does write other things obviously, but his name has been something we have been working on for a LONG time!  This mama is HAPPY!!!!

Both Thomas and Gwen and taking a homeschool dance class.  it is hillarious to watch them prance and twirl!!!!
Thomas is also doing basketball and gwen is a cheerleader...snort.  I tried to convince her to do basketball too but she was adament she would be a cheerleader!!!

Luci has started talking more and more.  She is a mini-gwen.  She is speaking is sentences more now.  I was talking to my mom today and she said "nanny talk me, lo, lo, lo".  It was HILLARIOUS!!!!

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