Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Better off without them

A sweet friend of mine who has adopted multiple children with special needs today got told that children like hers made this woman (who professed to be Christian mind you) think that abortion was ok.

 I'm gonna let that sink in for a minute.

Picture yourself, out with your beloved children, and some random person telling you that they should have been aborted, and thinking nothing wrong with saying it.  Looking at your heart, laying there in your arms, and telling you flat out, you would be better off without them.  The WORLD would be better off without them.  It makes my heart clench and i feel shaky just thinking about it.

I think any one of us would be horrified by this happening to us.  But you know what, this is what is happening in orphanages all over the world.  These children truly are not seen as human.  I've had so many people ask me, how can they treat the kids so horribly (in the orphanages).  It's the same reason  that the holocaust happened.  They weren't considered worthy.  The world would have been better off without them.  How many people KNEW what was happening and did nothing about it?

It's the reason we are on our third adoption (children 4 and 5) in three years. Once you have SEEN the truth of how these children are treated and considered inhuman, you can never ever unsee it.  Life was easier in many ways before our eyes were opened and our hearts were broken and never quite pieced back in the same way as before.

Before she was "human".  Before she was worthy.  

After she was chosen.  After she was SEEN for who she was.  A lovely, human child who just needed someone to acknowledge that she was a person.  

Before she was a beloved daughter.

Beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend.  Chosen.  Loved.  Perfectly formed.  

 My Jo.  Unloved.  Unworthy.  Un-human.  

My Jo.  Loved.  Worthy.  Chosen.  Seen.  

I could literally post hundreds of these types of pictures.  Nothing spectacular is happening once these kids are brought home.  They are loved and fed and made part of a family.  The changes are astonishing.  

Take a look at this documentary if you don't believe me.  Watch the nanny carry the child like a thing.  Away from her body, by the arm, no care at all or even recognition that they are holding a person being.  

So, what do you think?  Better off without them?  I feel everyday my life is better b/c of my children.  All of my children.  


  1. This made me so spitting mad. I am trying to remember to pray for this woman because she is probably going to heck in a handbasket even with all of her bold "Christian" faith professing!