Friday, June 1, 2012

apostilled baby!!!

Jared and the kids and i took a trek up to columbus today to get 33 papers apostilled!!!!!!  He sat with the kids in the car and they watched a movie and i sat in the state office and waited (not) so patiently for the nice man to bring my life back to me.  I was so nervous i forgot a paper or the worker would loose one or something...what can i say, i was bored, my imagination ran away from me!

After a while another man came in and i overheard him say he was adopting also!  We struck up a conversation to help pass the time.  He and his wife have no biological children, they decided that they wanted a child and that there were plenty of kids who need a good home.  Awesome!!!!  He was asking about why we decided to adopt after having 3 biological children.  I got to share the story of so many of these little children who are abused or neglected, simply because they were born with an extra chromosome.  It was great to spread the word and who knows about a seed that may have been planted?

We went to COSI afterwards and the kids had a blast!!!  We were so busy chasing them around that we didn't take any pictures!  Sorry!  Next time i promise!

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