Monday, June 11, 2012


Well, we are in waiting mode nothing all to interesting on the adoption front.  We are trucking along at home.  We have a couple of things we need to finish out for our homeschool year, and then i do plan to continue doing homeschool-light as it were over the summer.  I don't think a 12 week break from all school is good for kids in general :)  Luckily, my kids like to do homeschool so i don't anticipate much fussing from them!  We are also doing swim lessons, a co-op day every week with my friend Jane,  piano, zoo, museum, acquarium...all fun summer stuff, so don't feel to sorry for the kids!!

Here are some recent pics of the kids...

Luci loves to put random clothes on her head and laugh hysterically!

This is Tom's favorite new thing to do!  I think it is pretty awesome myself!  And, on a side note, it keeps him occupied and quiet for a LONG time :)

Gwen likes to play in the sprinkler :)

Luci is a cool cat!


  1. Hi, I am a new follower of your blog, but I am so so happy for Eli - I was praying for him for a long time! We share something in common with him - we live in the same country :) So if you would need my help (language, custom related, recommendations, well anything - I will be glad to help! Just don't hesitate to ask). Wow, such a happy day for me! Eli is going to have a FAMILY! :)

    1. Sandryte, thank you so much! We are so happy that Eli is coming home to us!!!! I will definitely take you up on your offer to help, we are nervous to be traveling to another country! The pics in this post are our children, Eli's soon to be brother and sisters!

    2. It's amazing! He will have a big supporting group for all his life! I am still jumping from joy from one room to another in my apartment, whoo-hoo! We also have a child with DS (2.5 years old), so this is how I eventually found Reece's Rainbow, and asked them are there any children from my country on the list. They said Eli is the only one, so this is how I met him and he was constantly on my thoughts and prayers! I will be so happy to help!

    3. It's so amazing! Now that we found Eli and found an agency that can work with his country and ours, several more children with DS have been listed and found by their forever families on RR also! Plus a whole bunch of other kids have been listed! Thank you so much for your offer of help! I will email you soon!

  2. Yes thank you Sandryte. Can't wait to go get Eli :)

  3. Hey, anything that keeps them quiet and occupied is fine by me.