Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why we are doing this

Questions that we have gotten since we started the process to adopt our sweet boy.
1. Why are you adopting a child with special needs?
2. You know you can't save them all right?
3. Surely you are done now right?

Well, let me tell you, we are adopting a child with special needs from another country because of children like this.  Meet Tsveti.  She died today.   She died alone in an institution.  She died alone with no mama to tuck her in at night.  No papa to pick her up and swing her round and round.  No brothers and sisters to play with, to laugh with, to fight with.  No Nanny to dress her up and put makeup on her.  No one at all to care for and love her.  She spent all day every day in a crib, even at 11 years old.  The thought that this child went 11 years without a family, kisses, hugs, tickles and mama's warm arms is more than i can bare tonight.  No one deserves that, especially a child whose only crime was to be born with an extra chromosome. 
In Loving MemoryLynette2000-2012
I watched my kids play and laugh and scream today, and had to fight back the tears more than once.  Every child deserves a day like my kids had today.  A normal day in a family.  A family who wants them and loves them. 
Some people think we shouldn't ask others to help us raise the money to set our son free.  Some people aren't interested in helping at all, whether that be fundraising or spreading the word or helping in other ways to support us.  Some people don't understand why we care about a random kid halfway across the ocean we have never met before.  SHE is why we care.  So many of these kids meet the same fate as dear Tsveti.  Unloved and uncared for and end up dying alone. 
So, when you say to me, "you can't save them all", it makes me want to scream, but we can!!!  I personally may not be able to save every single orphan, but i can damn well try to help.  I'm tired of people pushing this problem aside.  Everyone can help.  Adopt, donate to a family adopting, pray if you are so inclined.  Call up a family who is adopting and ask what they need.  Let them vent about mounds of paperwork and let them cry in your ear if they need to.  Offer to bring them a meal.  Send them a text letting them know you are thinking of them.  DO SOMETHING!
As for the last question, well, maybe we are done and maybe we are not.  But really, when you look at that sweet face above and think about her dying alone, do you really have the heart to discourage families trying to bring home a kid?

More information can be found about Tsveti at this blog,

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  1. This is so sad. What a waste of a life. I can only imagine how many other stories like this one are out there. Even worse is thinking of the people who gave these children up. I can't imagine giving up my child no matter what their disability may be:(